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Brey-Krause offers a wide selection of both surface-mounted and recessed commercial washroom accessories. Hooks, towel bars, soap dishes, towel shelves, and toilet paper holders are available in stainless steel, solid brass, and a combination of the two.  

Brey-Krause offers two styles of stainless steel washroom accessories:  the 4900 line and the 4500 lines.  Both stainless steel washroom accessory lines are fabricated from type 304 series stainless steel and utilize a concealed mounting system for optimal aesthetic appeal.  

Brey-Krause's Sophisticate 4800 line of washroom accessories combines the beauty of brass with the durability of stainless steel.  These washroom accessories are a perfect fit for a commercial or residential facility where a less institutional and more upscale look is preferred.  

The 3700 line features chrome-plated solid brass accessories that are also available with a variety of natural brass finishes.  

The 2600 line is composed of recessed toilet paper holders, soap dishes, and soap-grab combination units available in both satin, bright and powder color-coated finishes.