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Brey-Krause's "Boxed Stock" mirrors are already boxed on the shelf and ready to ship!

Brey-Krause's universal frame mirrors set a new standard in quality and installation ease. The innovative design and fabrication method results in a mirror with superior breakage and moisture resistance. The vandal-resistant mounting system makes installation simple and fast!

Reduce inventory by stocking ADA Tilt Mirror Frames. Just slide a flat universal frame mirror into the tilt frame and you have a fully ADA compliant tilt-frame mirror.

Adjustable frame brackets are also available to convert any flat, universal frame mirror into a tilt frame mirror.

Brey-Krause mirrors are fabricated to the highest quality standards:

  • Mirrors are fabricated from one piece, 18 ga., 5/8 inch x 5/8 inch type 304, satin finish, stainless steel angle frame with tightly mitered corners.
  • Mirror edges are protected by cushioned adhesive strips to prevent damage.
  • Mirror back is galvanized steel and sealed by continuously applied industrial adhesive.
  • Mirror is secured to wall by 2 vandal/theft resistant brackets.
  • 1/4 inch float glass mirror is silvered and electrolytically copper plated by galvanic process, Mirrors meet Fed. Spec. DDM-411, DD-G-451d, ANSI 2-97.1-1983 and CPSC-Cat 2-16 CFR.